East Central York Rite College No. 81

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OFFICERS 2017 – 2018

Preeminent Governor--- Frank W. Lincoln

Eminent Deputy Governor--- Michael J. Dooley

Eminent Chancellor--- Brian L. Pettice

Eminent Treasurer--- John D. Jones

Eminent Secretary--- Mark A. Keagle

Noble Primate--- Ryan W. Irby

Noble Preceptor--- William J. Hussey, Jr.

Noble Seneschal--- Kenneth Simpson

Noble Marshal--- Gary L. Riegel

Noble Sentinel--- Gary H. Macke

HONORS                                                                     * Deceased

Past Grand Governor of Illinois --- Jackson Doyle Cline*


Past Governor


Jackson Cline*           Dale Wright*                  Harold Easton*        Thomas Barnett*

Samuel Page*             Rob Beldon                    Jesse Scott*                Bill Messmore*

James McIntyre         David Enkoff*              Charles Irish*            George Smith*

Thomas Boyd*           William Sharp*             Elmer Hoggatt*        Robert Stefanski*

DeWayne Lemler      C. Kenneth Simpson   Max Guthrie             Charles Pennington

Blaine Scott                 Gary Macke                   Glenn McCoy*         Lawrence Edwards

Charles Etchason*     Glenn O. Jones*            Brad Cronk               Robert G. Minton

Sean P. McBride        Robert H. Pierce            Jesse L. Johns Sr.     Mark A. Keagle


Order of the Purple Cross  The Order of the Purple Cross of York, the highest honor of the College, is conferred upon those members of the College who have distinguished themselves by their service to humanity or to the Rite, The recipients are designated Associate Regents of the Sovereign College, and from their ranks are chosen the Regents or active members of that body.                                   


William B. Barnes*                        Thomas V. Barnett*

Rob R. Beldon                                  Harold Q. Bodeen*

Ralph F. Clark*                                 Bradford W. Cronk

Henry J. DeHeer                               Noel C. Dicks

Harold E. Easton*                            Kenneth G. Easton

Lawrence Edwards                          David P. Enkoff*

W. Charles Etchason*                     David C. Foster*

Max E. Guthrie                                 Charles T. Irish*   

Jesse L. Johns Sr.                               Glenn O. Jones*

John D. Jones                                     DeWayne A. Lemler     

Gary H. Macke                                  Sean P. McBride

Glenn R. McCoy*                              James C. McIntyre

Bill Messmore*                                  David W. Miller

Robert G. Minton                              D. Wayne Niewold

Douglas W. Niewold                         Samuel Page*

Charles R. Pennington                     Robert H. Pierce

Steven R. Porter                                 Blaine A. Scott

Jesse G. Scott*                                     C. Kenneth Simpson

Robert A. Stefanski*                         Troy Webb Timm

Dale C. Wright *