East Central York Rite College No. 81

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On Saturday, October 2, 1982 at the Danville Masonic Temple Preeminent Governor John Killiam, Illinois #15 (Chicago) opened the assembly.  The following Distinguished Guests were introduced: John Downs, Past Governor General; Clifford Jex, Treasurer General; James Bunnell, Seneschal General; Dan Baldwin, Grand Governor of Illinois; and John Heafor, Deputy Grand Governor of Illinois.  Proper lines were formed and Gordon Stuart, Governor General was received with honors.  Illinois #15 then conferred the First Section of the Degree of York.  Central Illinois #42 then conferred the Second Section of the York Degree.  Southern Illinois #33 then conferred the Third Section of the York Degree.  Illinois #15 was then closed and Governor General Gordon Stuart then opened General College and with the other Grand Officers constituted East Central York Rite College No. 81 with proper ceremonies.  General College was then closed.  East Central #81 then had an open installation of officers.  Governor General Gordon Stuart was the installing officer with assistance from Clifford Jex, James Bunnell, John Downs and Kenny Smith.  The following officers were installed:


          Preeminent Governor - Jackson Cline

          Eminent Deputy Governor - Dale Wright

          Eminent Chancellor - Frank Romack

          Eminent Treasurer - George Burow

          Eminent Secretary - Samuel D. Page

          Noble Primate - Harold Easton

          Noble Preceptor - Harold Wiltfang

          Noble Seneschal - Thomas Barnett

          Noble Marshal - Kenneth Easton

          Noble Sentinel - Rob Beldon

          Herald Senior - Jesse Scott

          Herald Junior - Thomas Shepard