East Central York Rite College No. 81

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East Central York Rite College No. 81 is a constituent college of  the York Rite Sovereign College of North America.   

The York Rite Sovereign College of North America exists to be of service to the York Rite of Freemasonry. Constituent colleges must declare fealty to the Grand Lodge of their respective jurisdictions. The pre-requisite for membership, which is by invitation only, is good-standing in all four York Rite bodies: Lodge, Chapter, Council and Commandery or Preceptory. 

East Central York Rite College No. 81 meets four times a year, unless the Preeminent Governor calls a special assembly.  The assemblies are held on the Third Saturday of February, May, August and November, with 2:00 pm being the general opening of ceremonies.  The May assembly is the Annual assembly and is held at College headquarters which is Villa Grove, IL.  Due and proper notice shall be given for all assemblies.


NEXT ASSEMBLY --- The Next Stated Meeting is scheduled to be held on Saturday August 17, 2019 at 10:00am. 



Map to College Headquarters located at the Villa Grove Masonic Lodge at the corner of Route 130 and Industrial Drive on the South end of Villa Grove, IL.

Industrial Drive Villa Grove, Illinois


Society of Past Masters

A program presented by the College honoring those who have served their lodges as Worshipful Master.

Companion Adept of the Temple Program

How much do you know about the York Rite?  The York Rite Companion Adept of the Temple program is an exciting by-mail self-study program through the Degrees and Orders of the York Rite of Freemasonry administered by the Sovereign York Rite College of North America. This program is offered to any Knight Templar by enrollment through the Sovereign College office.                  Click here for more information.

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